Comprehensive coverage for your Milestone instruments.

Milestone TotalCare gives you more.

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    Comprehensive service plan

    Extensive instrument coverage without a delay in scheduling the service you need.

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    Exceptional service technicians

    Only highly trained Milestone technicians will service your laboratory instruments.

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    Preventive maintenance

    Routine maintenance and parts replacement helps to increase efficiency and improve performance.

Performance, reliability and safety are built into every Milestone instrument.

We make sure it stays that way.

Expert service and support from the people who know your instruments best.

Your Milestone purchase represents an important investment in your lab’s productivity—so it makes sense to protect it in the best way possible. Our service program, Milestone TotalCare, is designed to maintain high performance levels and significantly extend the useful life of your Milestone instruments, installed options and major accessories—billed at a convenient flat rate that will keep your unit in optimal condition all year long.

Milestone TotalCare offers convenience for your lab, too. With a paid service plan in place, there’s no need to wait for repair estimates and purchase order approvals, so there’s never a delay in scheduling the service you need.

Keep your lab at peak performance.

Even a few hours of downtime can have significant impacts on your bottom line. With Milestone TotalCare, your lab can count on a reliable, uninterrupted workflow to maintain productivity and meet customer expectations. As a Milestone TotalCare customer, your needs are our priority, so any emergency service you require is always scheduled ahead of non-contract customers.

Eliminate unexpected costs for service and repairs.

Our comprehensive maintenance program includes all parts, labor and travel so you can plan and budget service costs with pinpoint accuracy. And with regular Milestone TotalCare maintenance, potential issues can be detected before they occur, helping you to avoid costly emergency repairs.

Ensure the safety of your lab staff.

Subject to high pressure, extreme heat and corrosive substances, sensitive lab instruments benefit from routine Milestone TotalCare maintenance and parts replacement. These preventative measures support up-time and contribute to user safety.

Identify potential issues before they happen.

Milestone TotalCare technicians look for and isolate potential equipment problems or operational issues not normally identified during the course of an emergency service call, the best way to guarantee high levels of instrument efficiency. And as a Milestone TotalCare customer, you’re free to make technical inquiries as often as you need to, absolutely free.

TotalCare customers also receive priority access to technical and applications support, method development support and free software upgrades, as well as access to additional operator training.

Extend the life of your Milestone instruments.

With regular service, calibration and proactive maintenance you can optimize production efficiency and significantly extend the useful life of your Milestone instruments, a source of substantial savings in the long term.