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The MAXI-44 is a very high throughput rotor holding up to 44 TFM vessels with a volume of 100 mL, and can perform easy digestions or leaching-type reactions on a variety of samples, such as soils, sediments, wastewater etc. The MAXI-44 rotor is fully compliant with commonly used standard methods, such as the US EPA 3015, 3051, and 3052.

Maxi-44 Part Numbers

MAXI-44 high throughput rotor, 100 ml, complete with 44 pressure reactors

P/N Description
70004 Label Maxi-44 rotor
AEX00600 MAXI-44 rotor body for 100ml vessels
AEX00060 Vessel 100 ml with protection cover, automatic pressure valve and safety shield
HB00096A Vessel 100ml complete with threaded cover and pressure valve
DD00143A Cover with thread for MAXI rotor vessel
DD00144 TFM valve for MAXI rotor cover
HB00096 Vessel 100ml complete with thread for MAXI rotor
AEX00038 Protection shield for pressure vessel 100ml