March 3-5, 2020 | Booth # 5031 | Chicago, IL

Visit Milestone in booth #5031 at 2020 PITTCON to have our experts demonstrate the latest innovations in microwave sample preparation, microwave extraction, clean chemistry, ashing, synthesis, and direct mercury analysis. Discover how these solutions can help you improve your lab’s productivity.

Milestone’s DemoZone events

DemoZone I: Booth 1429
Tuesday, March 3rd at 12:00 pm CST
Maximize Your Sample Prep Throughput: Understand the Latest in Rotor-based and Single Reaction Chamber Microwave Digestion Solutions
Discover the differences between single reaction chamber (SRC) and rotor-based microwave solutions and explain how these differences impact your lab’s throughput. Learn more.

DemoZone II: Booth 1829
Wednesday, March 4th at 2:30 pm CST
Direct Mercury Analysis in 5 Minutes with the Milestone DMA-80 evo
During the live demo of Milestone’s DMA-80 evo, learn about the benefits of this technology vs. Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption. No sample prep, widest dynamic range, results in just 5 minutes, and up to 70% cost reduction. Learn more.

Explore solutions for:

Sample Prep for Trace Metals Analysis

Direct Mercury Analyzer


SRC Microwave Digestion System for sample prep
Rotor-based Microwave Digestion Systems for sample prep

Direct Mercury Analyzer
Microwave-assisted extraction


Utilizes Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology to reach higher temperatures and pressures. Can process mixed-batch samples for ICP/ICP-MS analysis. Learn more


The ETHOS UP is a microwave digestion, rotor-based platform for sample prep in ICP/ICP-MS trace metal analysis, giving your lab high throughput, even for the most difficult samples. Learn more

DMA-80 evo

The benchmark for direct mercury determination across a wide array of industries. Able to analyze any matrix (solid, liquid or gas) without any sample prep in as few as 5 minutes. Learn more

ETHOS X - Green

A game-changer in the production of high-quality terpenes, the ETHOS X provides the ability to work on fresh materials in a very fast process. Achieve a complete terpene profile with a pure smell and taste. Learn more

Clean Chemistry Tools for Atomic Spectroscopy

Microwave Ashing

Microwave Synthesis

traceCLEAN Acid Steam Cleaning System
Sub-boiling Acid Distillation System
Microwave ashing
Microwave Synthesis


Fully automated, self-contained, acid steam cleaning system for trace metal analysis accessories. Eliminates the need for acid soaks and exposure to hot acids and acid vapors. Learn more


Compact and easy-to-use sub-boiling distillation system. Make your own ultra-pure acid from reagent grade on-demand, providing great cost savings to your lab. Suitable for distillation of HNO3 and HCI. Learn more


Advanced microwave muffle furnace suitable for ashing, sulfated ashing, loss on ignition (LOI), residue on ignition (ROI), fusion and other high-temperature reactions under controlled conditions. Learn more


Overcomes the limitation of conventional microwave synthesis devices, allowing chemists to perform classic glassware and high pressure synthesis, as well as solid-phase reactions. Learn more