Microwave Extraction Systems

Milestone Ethos X Microwave Extraction System for Environmental Extractions
Milestone Ethos X Microwave Extraction System for Essential Oils

Ethos X – Enviro

Microwave extraction system for environmental applications

– 24 samples in < 1 hour
– Substantial reduction in solvent
– Consistent reproducible results

Ethos X – Green

Microwave green extraction of natural products

– Solvent-free microwave extraction for fragrances
– Microwave hydrodistillation for flavors extraction
– User-friendly, easy control software

Samples submitted for GC and HPLC analysis require pre-treatment. The fundamental step in sample pretreatment is the extraction of the compounds of interest from the sample matrix. This is the least evolved and most error-prone step in the overall analytical procedure as many people still use the Soxhlet method invented in 1879. The new Milestone ETHOS X is an advanced microwave extraction system offering the best technology currently available for GC, GC-MS and HPLC sample preparation.

Milestone is dedicated to helping chemists increase productivity while lowering costs, which is why our microwave extraction systems have been designed and developed with the latest technology to deliver high sample throughput while lowering operating costs, along with being able to produce effective and consistent results with extreme simplicity.

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