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Microwave Digestion

Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) Microwave Digestion

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    Technology firsts

    Decades of ground-breaking technology and innovation, spanning over 30 patents and 20,000+ instruments worldwide.

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    Safety by design

    Safest and most rugged technology featuring stainless steel construction, enhanced corrosion resistance and superior safety features. Learn more

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    Best-in-class rotor-based system

    Ethos UP with the largest microwave cavity, provides exceptional flexibility to accomodate a wide array of application needs. Learn more

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    Game changing SRC technology

    Single reaction chamber technology offers unmatched throughput and performance to tackle the most difficult applications. Learn more

All digestion systems are not created equal


Learn more about the factors that impact the analytical blank, digestion techniques, and Milestone’s Clean Chemistry products designed to help you maximize your ICP-OES and ICP-MS data.

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Microwave digestion is the most widely used sample preparation technique for AA, ICP-OES, or ICP-MS analyses. When it comes to sample preparation, complete digestion is essential for achieving accurate analysis.

Since 1988, Milestone has been at the forefront of microwave digestion innovation, safety, performance and technology. These decades of experience have led to development of the most intelligent and powerful microwave digestion systems on the market today.

Milestone’s best-in-class Ethos UP rotor-based microwave digestion system provides a rugged solution with exceptional flexibility to help solve a wide array of application needs.

Our revolutionary UltraWAVE with Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology transcends traditional closed and open vessel digestion, offering significantly greater digestion capabilities for even the most difficult sample types.

Featuring best-in-class performance with ultra-high throughput and low operating costs, Milestone has your application covered.

The bottom line? Milestone’s digestion family is the superior solution for handling all your lab’s sample prep challenges.

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