Cutting-edge technology in microwave assisted synthesis.

flexiWAVE Microwave Synthesis Platform

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    Best reaction control

    Equipped with the most advanced, easy-to-use reaction sensors.

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    Superior productivity

    Reactions completed in minutes instead of hours.

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    Improved yields

    Lower by-product formation and sample contamination.

The new Milestone flexiWAVE is a flexible microwave synthesis platform.

It is a common misconception that a laboratory microwave is just a microwave and that there are very few differences between systems. We have incorporated in the new flexiWAVE our vision of the future, our passion, and our knowledge, with the ultimate goal of helping chemists. The new Milestone flexiWAVE overcomes the limitation of conventional microwave synthesis devices, as it consists of a single microwave platform that, in combination with specific accessories, allows the chemists to perform classic glassware and high pressure synthesis, as well as solid-phase reactions.

Stubborn reactions are typically carried out in refluxing conditions, using high boiling solvents such as xylenes, 1,2-dichlorobenzene and N-methyl pyrrolidine. High boiling solvents are then difficult to remove upon workup, especially as reaction scale increases. The High-Pressure setup can replace reflux devices, moving from high boiling solvents to low boiling solvents. Moreover, high temperature reactions (up to 300 °C) can be achieved and up to 15 high-pressure vessels may be used simultaneously for parallel synthesis. The benefits are well known and documented in terms of easier work-up and higher purity of final product.

• High pressure and temperature
• Faster reaction rate
• Switching from high boiling point solvents to lower boiling point solvents
• Single vessel or parallel synthesis

Heating heterogeneous reaction mixtures, thick media or solid phase systems suffers from inhomogeneous temperature distribution and stirring difficulties using conventional microwave instruments. The innovative Solid-Phase setup offers the unique capability of physically rotating the reaction vessel, to achieve homogenous bulk heating of slurries, viscous and solid reaction mixtures media. The reaction temperature is controlled by a contact-less infrared sensor. Furthermore, the Solid-Phase setup allows operations under normal atmosphere, inert gas, and vacuum. Functionalization and modifications of materials, polycondensation, coating, dehydration of natural oils are some of the most common areas of application.

• Homogenous heating of solid mixture
• No wall effects
• Easy removal of volatile by-products
• Solution concentration during the reaction process

The flexiWAVE has been thought and engineered as a ‘microwave platform’, where all types of commonly used glassware could be used. This clearly results in a very flexible system with a wide range of applications capabilities. The Classic Glassware setup provides suitable apparatus for a full reaction optimization for research or teaching purposes. It allows the chemists to perform synthetic reactions under reflux and, in this manner, any chemical reaction currently carried out with hot plates, heating mantles or oil baths, could be rapidly improved by adopting microwave technology.

• Conventional synthesis in a microwave cavity
• Distillation
• Reflux
• Reagents addition
• Easy Sampling

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