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Ethos UP Microwave Digestion System

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    Highest throughput rotors

    The highest throughput rotor-based digestion system – for both routine and challenging applications.

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    Simplified method development

    EasyCONTROL software minimizes method development, increases productivity and improves digestion efficiency.

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    Superior safety features

    Stainless steel construction and patented vent-and-reseal technology ensures market-leading safety and productivity.


Improving Extractables and Leachables and Trace Metal Testing of Pharmaceutical Packaging.

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When it comes to rotor-based microwave sample preparation, nothing comes close to the Milestone Ethos UP. With over 300 pre-set digestion methods built right in, our exclusive EasyControl software is the smart approach to microwave digestion. Plus, our new Milestone Connect offers remote system control, 24/7 technical support and direct access to a comprehensive library of content developed especially for lab professionals.

Need more? The Milestone Ethos UP isn’t just intelligent, it’s the most powerful microwave digestion system on the market today. Featuring the highest throughput rotors, stainless steel construction and patented vent-and-reseal technology, the Ethos UP ensures market-leading safety and productivity. Very smart.

Superior Flexibility

Two completely new rotors, offering both high-pressure and high-throughput capabilities, are available for the ETHOS UP. The SK-15 high-pressure rotor offers maximum flexibility and is suitable for virtually all applications. The MAXI-44 high-throughput rotor is recommended for more routine applications including environmental and clinical.

Both SK-15 and MAXI-44 rotors feature Milestone’s patented ‘vent-and-reseal’ technology (US Patent 5,270,010), which safely regulates the pressure of all vessels, while minimizing the loss of volatile elements.

Learn more about ‘vent-and-reseal’ technology.

The SK-15 high-pressure rotor can accommodate up to 15 vessels and offers the analyst the most applications flexibility. The SK-15’s high temperature (300°C) and pressure (100 bar) capabilities ensure a high quality digestion of even the most difficult and reactive samples.

A large selection of high purity quartz and TFM inserts are available for the SK-15 rotor for smaller sample amounts or to minimize the dilution factor of the analytical solution.

The MAXI-44 is recommended for laboratories looking to maximize throughput. The rotor accommodates up to 44 vessels and is suitable for easy to moderate applications such as clinical, environmental and food.

The MAXI-44 is fully controlled via a contactless infrared (IR) sensor that controls the temperature of each vessel. This result is an easy-to-use rotor that ensures maximum safety and digestion quality.

The MAXI-44 complies with commonly used standard methods, such as the US EPA 3015, 3051, and 3052.

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Rugged, Reliable Construction

Milestone has been at the forefront of advanced microwave sample preparation since 1988. Over the years, we have continuously developed our technology with safety in mind, such as with the introduction of an all stainless-steel door in 1993 and self-resealing safety door in 1996. The new Ethos UP is specifically designed for intensive laboratory use and offers the perfect integration between microwave hardware, user interface, reaction sensors and pressure vessels. While other manufacturers use molded plastic, Milestone uses 18/8 stainless steel construction throughout which creates the most durable, reliable, and heavy-duty microwave system available.

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Intuitive User Interface

The ETHOS UP is controlled via a compact terminal with an easy-to-read, bright, full-color, touchscreen display. The terminal is provided with multiple USB and Ethernet ports for interfacing the instrument to external devices and to the local laboratory network. The terminal runs Milestone’s renowned EasyCONTROL software, a completely new user-friendly, icon-driven, multi-language and CFR-21 Part 11 compliant software to provide easy control of the microwave run. Simply recall a previously stored method or create a new one; by pressing ‘START’, the system will automatically follow the user defined temperature profile using a sophisticated PID algorithm. Hundreds of applications, including all US EPA methods, are preloaded in the ETHOS UP terminal, virtually eliminating any need for method development. Each method includes temperature profile, sample size and choice of reagents. There is no need to input the number of samples, as the software will automatically regulate the microwave power accordingly. This assures a consistent quality of the digestion and simplifies the instrument’s use.

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Accessory Options

A number of accessories are available to help the analyst get the most out of the Ethos UP. Milestone offers a variety of inserts in different materials (Quartz or TFM) and with various sizes and shapes, accommodating a vast array of applications.

Both quartz vessels and insert options are available for the SK-15 and MAXI-44 rotors. Quartz is the ultimate vessel material for ultra-trace analysis, since it can be cleaned more effectively, and has lower background levels than even extra high purity TFM.

Optional inserts, available in quartz and high purity TFM, fit inside the standard TFM vessels of the high pressure SK-15 rotor, expanding the application range of the Ethos UP beyond any other microwave system.

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Tap Into Unlimited Resources

ETHOS UP users get access to a groundbreaking web based application – Milestone Connect. Milestone Connect provides up to date information and extended instrument control from outside the laboratory. With the ability to remotely monitor every sample in real time, achieving superior digestion quality is enhanced. Users also have the ability to remotely stop the run – a great safety feature. Milestone Connect works on various external devices such as PC, tablets or smartphones connected to the ETHOS UP. The integral database includes specific and detailed information on the installed equipment (list of parts, technical notes, user manual, video tutorials, etc.), continuously updated application notes, a library of available scientific articles published in scientific magazines, and an online help section that provides instant support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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