EasyCONTROL, which is fully CFR Part 11 compliant, is the most intelligent software ever designed for microwave sample preparation. Its features and capabilities minimize method development, increase productivity, improve digestion quality and helps make the ETHOS the safest microwave system available. Here are some examples of EasyCONTROL’s unique capabilities.

Software Features

Greater Power, Greater Flexibility

Ethos intuitive controller for microwave digestion systemsEasyCONTROL’s intuitive, full-color graphical display gives the analyst full control of microwave parameters – in real time. The microwave program can be edited on-the-fly, which greatly assists method development. Plus, EasyCONTROL’s detailed display keeps the analyst fully informed throughout the run.

Superior Control of Exothermic Reactions

Chart of Ethos exothermic reactionsWhen an exothermic reaction drives digestion temperature above the programmed ramp rate, EasyCONTROL instantly shuts off microwave power, applying it again when the temperature falls back to the ramp rate. Other microwave systems use simple software that only shuts down power when a set temperature point is exceeded. This type of software does not have the capability to adjust power to follow a programmed ramp rate. As a result, digestion may be inconsistent between samples, and of course, the risk of an overpressure or even vessel failure is much higher. This diagram shows how effectively EasyCONTROL brings an exothermic reaction under control and the temperature back to the program ramp rate (red line). The green line shows delivered microwave power – note how the power is continuously varied by the PID controller. Other systems only have on/off control of microwave power.

Automatic Setting of Microwave Power

Chart of Ethos microwave powerEasyCONTROL software eliminates the guesswork of determining the microwave power settings appropriate for a given run, as it automatically adjusts the power to match the number of samples in the rotor. Other systems have less sophisticated software which requires the user to modify microwave power settings based on the number of samples being digested – leading to multiple microwave programs for the same sample type. With EasyCONTROL, microwave power is always optimized, and consistent digestion quality is assured – every time.