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    Ensure you are achieving the highest quality terpenes.

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    How microwave processing of terpenes can expand your production capabilities.

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    How is Milestone helping cannabis processors?

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Maximize Your Cannabis Terpene Profile

THC, CBD and terpenes are the major target compounds in the cannabis plant. Although there are several technologies available to extract THC and CBD, they are not designed to selectively extract terpenes, and thus often lead to loss, damage or only partial extraction of these molecules.

Terpenes from cannabis plants are extremely valuable as they are responsible for the strain-specific variation in smell, taste, and effects of cannabis. Due to their unique flavor, they are widely used as ingredients for multiple end-products, such as vape pens and edibles, just to mention a few. Terpenes are also used in the medicinal field as they exponentially increase the effectiveness of THC and CBD molecules.

A game-changer in the production of high quality terpenes, the ETHOS X provides the ability to work on fresh or dried materials in a very fast process. Now you can achieve a complete terpene profile with a pure smell and taste.

• Fresh or dried samples
• Strain-specific terpenes
• Fast processing time
• Up to 3 kg fresh cannabis per run

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