The power of the analytical blank.

traceCLEAN Acid Steam Cleaning System

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    Best cleaning quality of your TFM, glass and quartz parts for trace metals analysis.

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    Safe and easy-to-use

    No operator exposure to acid vapors.

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    Highly productive

    Fast, convenient, clean, and fully automated.

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    Efficient and effective

    No changing of acids or soaking required.


Learn more about the factors that impact the analytical blank, digestion techniques, and Milestone’s Clean Chemistry products designed to help you maximize your ICP-OES and ICP-MS data.

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“In trace analysis the effects of contamination from laboratory air or furnishings, apparatus, containers, and reagents have become increasingly important, as the sensitivity of analytical methods has lowered detectable limits to the nanogram and picogram level.” – M. Zief, J. W. Mitchell.9

Cleaning various items used in ultra-trace analysis work is a critically important laboratory routine. To minimize contamination, traditional cleaning methods require soaking items in hot acids, often for several hours. To be effective, large volumes of acid are consumed and need to be changed regularly. There is also a substantial risk of exposure to hot acids and acid vapors using traditional soaking techniques. To address these issues, Milestone has developed the traceCLEAN, a fully automated, self-contained, acid steam cleaning system for trace metal analysis accessories.

Place the items to be cleaned in the traceCLEAN system, program the time and temperature required, then press “Start”. Freshly distilled acid vapors will continuously reflux within the sealed unit, thoroughly leaching any metal contaminants from the items. Various holders are available for vials, microwave digestion vessels, flasks, glassware, and ICP-MS accessories.

Steam cleaning with nitric or hydrochloric acid vapors is a very effective cleaning method for preconditioning and routine cleaning of containers and apparatus. The container to be cleaned is placed over a PTFE coated glass rod. Acid in the lower reservoir is heated, and purified acid vapor travels up through the glass rod and condenses on the container, removing surface contamination.

Acid steam cleaning is a preferred alternative to acid leaching for the following reasons:

  • Any trace metal contamination remains in the lower reservoir and does not come in contact with the component to be cleaned
  • The clean component is isolated from the cleaning acid after surface contamination is removed
  • The critical surfaces of the clean component are cool and dry when the cleaning process is complete, eliminating the need for additional rinsing and air drying
  • The cleaning process takes place in a sealed container which minimizes airborne contamination, eliminates exposure of acid vapors to the user, and provides a clean environment for the components to be stored until they are needed
  • Eliminates soaking and the need to change acids

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